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Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs

Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs

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Sheepskin rugs are almost impossible to ignore this winter. The demand for sheepskin as a rug material has increased hugely over early winter and is expected to increase further more during the Christmas period. There are many factors that make Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs just that little bit different and extremely special. Rughouse prides itself on the quality of the sheepskin rugs that they offer. The sheepskins at Rughouse are rare breeds and they are also cleaned using sound traditional methods leaving a pleasant smell to waft through your room. These rugs are produced in natural colours and each rug has its own individual design and virtually no two rugs are the same.

A characteristic of the Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs is that they are naturally shaped and that the wool is longer and fluffier than standard sheepskin rugs. This gives Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs are much softer and luxurious feel.

Whilst a Sheepskin is very individual, they carry many of the same qualities that you would expect from a traditional sheepskin rug. For more information on the benefits of a Sheepskin rug, please refer to our other articles. The rugs can be placed almost anywhere in the home and can fit in perfectly with the colour, layout and design of almost any room. They are particularly attractive against a hardwood covering. It should be noted, however, that if the rug is placed on a low friction surface (such as a a hardwood covering) then adhesive rug pads will probably be required, so that they don’t slip underfoot or move out of position.

In winter months, these rugs form a natural insulation with their dense pile, helping you keep the warmth in your home. They are very versatile however and are attractive additions whatever time of year. Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs look beautiful by an open fire, by a sofa or at the side of your bed, giving you that lovely feeling of stepping on warm sheepskin in the morning.

Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs are surprisingly easy to maintain and require no additional care than any other floor covering in your home. They do not shed so you do not constantly have to vacuum the area around the rug and this also makes them safe for a childrens bedroom. Addition safety benefits include flame resistance and static electricity resistance and all Icelandic Sheepskin rugs are non allergenic.

For a more detailed article on the maintenance of your Icelandic Sheepskin Rug, please refer to one of our other articles.

Sheepskin rugs have always been synonymous with luxury in the home and there is nothing quite like the warm cosy feel of natural sheepskin. These Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs keep that feeling of luxury and add their own touch of individuality to make them a real focal point of any room. With a wide choice of Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs available to purchase online, this is a great time to acquire your own.

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