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Reindeer Rugs


There are many different types of rug available. From modern rugs to more traditional natural material rugs. Each natural material has its own advantages, but, as it’s Summer, we thought we would summarise the advantages of the reindeer rug range.

They make great home decor accessories as they are stylish, natural and practically maintenance free. Reindeer hide is becoming more and more fashionable, for those who want a natural rug that is just a bit different. A reindeer rug can add great natural colour and texture to a room when used as a stylish rug, or will add interest to a wall when used as a wall-hanging. The soft beautiful fur can make for a comfortable rug that really stands out in your room. They are also very versatile and can be use in many different ways. They can also be used as a cosy furniture throw for the edge of a sofa or armchair.

Or if you’d prefer, the hide can serve as a cover that will nicely accentuate any piece of furniture.

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