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Rug Trends


Over recent years, Rughouse has seen an increase in demand for the more modern rugs. With the trend for hard flooring continuing, more and more people are choosing hardwood or tiles for their home, wide expanses of bare floors can make an interior feel cold and unwelcoming. This is where a strategic placement of rugs can help. Customers are choosing rugs from Rughouse due to their high quality and high durability. Matched with the low prices and the new trend for hard flooring, Rughouse and its customers have enjoyed 2012.

The high quality rugs at Rughouse help; define spacial areas, muffle noise and provide warmth. While doing all that, rugs also greatly enhance the aesthetics of a room by providing a finishing touch.

In terms of style, there has not been a particular increase in demand. Both contemporary and traditional styles have been popular at Rughouse. Customers should use a contemporary design if you have sleek, modern furniture. It is a similar story for the different patterns on offer; there is no particular pattern, colour or texture that has seen a large increase in demand. However, in general there has been an increase.

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