Natural Sheepskins & Cowhides

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Make a statement with Rughouse! Whether you’re looking for a contemporary product, that fits with your decor or an item to make a statement with – Rughouse is your one stop shop for all things classic and eyecatching. We offer a range of pr, some that no one else has, to give you the widest depth of choice online or off. Our products are all of the highest quality and many lines feature designer or unique pieces that you just won’t see again. From cowhides to shaggy piles, modern to woollen products, we have everything you need to choose the perfect rug for your house.

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Why not browse our range of items and narrow your choices down – take your time to examine the sizes and your needs and choose the product that is right for you - whether it’s a discrete rug to fill a void, or an item that takes over the room, we’ve got the widest choice of products available for fast delivery. Our items can be used as wall or floor coverings and are designed to withstand the rigours of everyday life, whilst still retaining their beauty, shape and design. So check out our range and make a statement, today with Rughouse.


Our contemporary and eye-catching cowhides are luscious, soft and look great against most colours of carpet or tile. They are a short pile, soft and gentle on your skin, and are incredibly hardwearing. We take the finest cowhide skins, and create designer items with them – no two are alike as we do not dye, or alter the pattern and texture of the hairs. We are positive that you’ll find a gorgeous design that you feel will fit with your decor, and we might even have your favourite pattern. We have brindled, spotted and multi tonal each treated and prepared to be the highest quality, soft leather cowhide.

There are always more cowhides coming into stock, and as they come in they are photographed, measured and put on the site for your viewing. Check out the range of cowhides now, however be quick as every cow only has one cowhide and one individual pattern.


Want a soft, furry rug, but can’t tolerate wool, or sheepskin? Want something that’s slightly more textured and colourful than sheepskin, but more furry, and fluffy than cowhide? You might want a goatskin. The finest goatskins, lined and unlined are taken and blended together to make a rug with character, amazing depth and warmth, and a bit of the unique. Goatskins are by their nature a lot fluffier - in fact they are where the fibre that is made into cashmere comes from. Our goatskins will shed excess fibres; this is nothing to worry about and is entirely normal for the range. A very popular rug type, our goatskins are of the highest quality.


Flokatis are light and fluffy and are crafted by hand, by Grecian craftsmen and were used as bedding or clothing. Now, we can bring them to you, for an amazing price. These pieces are sturdy and thick, useable as a heavy duty rug, bedding, a throw, sofa cover or wall hanging, it’s your choice. Each is made of handpicked wool fibres, in rural Greece, before being shipped to us for sale. We recommend them as blankets in the deep winter – they are amazingly warm, and gorgeously fluffy, without being over the top. Each rug is rigorously checked before selling them so you can be confident that you’re getting the best value for money, without sacrificing on quality.


Want something that echoes contemporary class and traditional values as a rug? Looking for something soft and lusciously decadent without breaking your bank? Our sheepskins are the epitome of class, gorgeous living and natural beauty. Whether dyed or undyed, our sheepskins are soft, gentle and feel amazing, whether used as a throw, rug, sofa cover, blanket or wall covering. Under foot or against your skin, these are perfect products for almost every environment. Each is checked before sale, to ensure it’s of the highest quality and softness, before being sold on to you. Lined or unlined these products represent a classic, tremendous value for money, without reducing their quality or style.

Now offering a huge range of sheepskins, in different sizes and different colours now giving you the largest range of sheepskins in the UK. From the more popular white and black sheepskins, to the more different, taupe, wolftip and red sheepskins.

Icelandic Sheepskins

Want something a touch more over the top than a regular sheepskin? Need something with a bit more depth and warmth to use as a throw or wall covering? Icelandic sheepskins represent the height of sheepskin – they are over sided, extra fluffy and undyed. Each has a unique and beautiful natural character. These products are slightly curlier than your average sheepskins, simply because Icelandic sheep are a rare breed that are designed to survive in the deep cold of the Scandinavian states. We recommend these products highly for a house that’s cold, or if you’re looking for something to snuggle under on long winter nights.

Reindeer Hides

Much like our cowhides, our reindeer hides are high quality; undyed items that are have a significantly higher hair and fur content than cowhide. They are usually surprisingly soft and warm, without being oppressive or heavy, and come in a range of stylish natural neutral colours, meaning they can be used almost anywhere. These opulent hides are designed to be displayed and enjoyed and are some of our best hides for wall hangings or throws. Pair with a signature piece of furniture, or use them on your floor or walls, for that extra touch of warmth and character without sacrificing quality.